HFS Group offers a broad selection of products to furnish your hospital or medical institute. Our selection of products ranges from hospital room furniture (such as hospital beds, hospital chairs, desks) to furniture for staff (trolleys, examination couches, stands) but also reception furniture and a lot  more accessories to provide your hospital with high quality and durable furniture. Our innovative and efficient products are ideal for hospitals and medical institutes. The best medical furniture to make your establishment unique.


Range “Lexa” :

The “Lexa” range of products offers you a very broad selection of various products to furnish all the rooms of your institute. With numerous products, this range specializes mainly in movable furniture such as hospital carts, medical trolleys, cleaning equipment and medical beds.

Large choice of hospital trolleys Modular, movable and fixed furniture Hospital beds



Range “Origin” :

The Origin range of products offers you a selection of furniture to equip patient rooms, as well as administrative and reception with high quality furniture. The products are durable, modern and aesthetic. They will give your institute a modern and unique interior look.

Hospital room equipment Administrative and direction furniture Reception furniture



Range “Stella” :

The Stella range of products offers you a broad selection of high quality equipment for your hospital or medical institute, ranging from therapy or examination beds (the Stella range offers a large choice of beds) to hospital trolleys and many other accessories for the medical staff.

Multiple hospital trolleys Diverse hospital equipment Multipurpose hospital beds