HFS Group offers a large range of examination tables and hospital beds, as well as different types of stretchers. Our range of medical tables are suitable for many specializations in the medical field. We offer modern and durable furniture to meet your expectations and your needs in order for you to get the best equipment possible for your hospital or medical institute. The product you are looking for isn’t in our catalogs? No problem! Contact us with a short description of what you need, we will gladly find the best and most suitable furniture for you!



Range “Brio” :

The “Brio” range offers a selection of stretchers and hospital beds of high quality and innovation. Thanks to the control panel, the beds can be placed into different positions. The beds are renowned for their quality, innovation and flexibility: they are flexible to all situations in the hospital environment. This range includes : hospital bed, intensive care bed, delivery table, baby bed (maternity crib) and gynecology table. All products can be equipped with various accessories (see link below).

Hospital beds & medical beds Delivery table (delivery bed) Control panel



Gamme “State” :

The “State” range of products offers various therapy tables : chiropractic table, massage table, examination table and gynecology table as well as accessories (stools, steps and screens). The products are customizable thanks to a wide choice of add-ons, options and colors. In addition, the products are of excellent quality, made with high quality materials. All tables can be set in multiple positions.

Chiropractic table Examination table (electric) Gynecology table



Range “Roca” :

In the “Roca” range of products are a wide range of therapy tables, each with their own specificities. The equipment is aesthetically modern and designed with the most recent technologies (the majority of tables are equipped with advanced electric controls). Therapy table, examination bed, massage table, standing table and a wide range of rehabilitation accessories will complete your professional institute.

Examination table Medical upright bed Large therapy table