HFS Group offers a broad selection of compact fitness equipment. These equipments combine multiple machines into one compact mount. The compact equipment is a good alternative to traditional fitness machines : they can expand your offer thanks to the flexibility and the innovative concept and will guarantee more choice of exercices to your customers. Discover our range of modern, efficient, innovative and aesthetic products. A must for your sports center, small or large.

Range « Cross Fit » :

Range specialized in Cross Fit, to equip your gym. This range is appreciated for its modernity and for its innovation : a single mount allows to practice many different exercises. By combining innovation and efficency, the mounts get a modern and aesthetic visual rendering. This range also includes many fitness equipment and accessories.

Compact mounts Multifunctional machines Simple multifunctional machines



Range « Cage » :

Range made of three « Crosscage » mounts. This range is ideal for optimizing the space of your sports center : in just a few square meters, your clients can do numerous exercises from simple pull-ups to exercises with gym bars or even leg squats.

Compact machine « Crosscage 40 » Compact machine « Crosscage 41 »  Compact machine « Crosscage 42 »



Range « 360 » :

Range of ultra compact mounts. The innovative mounts allows you to practice many exercises thanks to their innovative design. This range is ideal for fitness rooms, large or small, hotels, spas, schools, sport centers or medical institutes.

Compact gym machine « 360-A » Compact gym machine « 360-B » Multi-use gym machine